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Second International Conference on the History of the Humanities

21-23 October 2010, University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Goal of the conference: This is the second of a biennially organized conference that brings together scholars and historians of the various humanities disciplines to draw the outlines for a comparative history of the humanistic sciences (from philology, linguistics, musicology, literary theory, media studies to the historical sciences). Although there exist separate histories of a few single humanities disciplines, an overarching history would satisfy a long-felt need, and fill a conspicuous gap in intellectual history.

Theme of the 2010 conference: “From Early Modern to Modern Disciplines”


Thijs Weststeijn

University of Amsterdam

Herengracht 286

1016 BX Amsterdam

Email: Адресът на е-пощата e защитен от спам ботове. Нужен ви е javascript, за да го видите.

Visit the website at http://www.illc.uva.nl/MakingHumanities/2010/program.html